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Founded by Lucas C.C. Marquenie in 1982, who started to work with the English architect Peter Grosscurth, in the realization of the urbanization and construction of Sierra Cabrera (Turre). Currently the office is in the town of Garrucha (Almeria), with professional staff of various specialties for mored than 20 years, with Architects, Engineers, Draughtsmen, Technical Architects. Specialized in architectural design, urbanism, structural calculations, quantity surveys, topographical surveys, landscape design and interior design, refurbishment.
Since the existence of the office, design has always been focused to a high standart. Every new project is a new challenge and all try to achieve the complete satisfaction of the client.
Always we try to search for harmony, serenity and a cosy atmosphere. The result is a design that conveys essence, which contains the complexity and density of a building completed until the end, to finally create a place where it is nice to live.